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Beasts Vs Bots Hack – Cheats, Tools For Free Gold And Crystals

Beasts Vs Bots

Bots are the robots with high intelligence and always want to engage in wars. Each one of them quenches their fight hunger by conquering other lands. Beasts vs Bots hack will be a great tool to increase your resources such as army, shields etc. Therefore, cheats are necessary to upgrade some important items to build a huge base for you. They protect themselves with the specially designed metallic body cover up which is helpful during the struggle. Soon they have learned most advanced technology in search of different valuable metals. Over the years bots damaged their own planet and luckily they have found earth that consists of required materials.

Stop The Bots Before Conquer Earth

But the earth’s rescuer beasts are also most advanced in stunning fight methods to save the earth. They are the earliest protectors from deadly invaders. Over the millennium, there are numerous stories and rumors about these creatures spread across in the mankind. They never care any comments of the human and started to slept deep under the land. Suppose, if you don’t have enough gold, just use beasts vs bots hack to get the desired items you want. On one bad day the alien invaders started their horrific battle towards the earth. So, it is the time to wake up the beast and turn them against galactic invaders.

Destroy The Head Quarter Using Beasts Vs Bots Cheats

At the beginning of the stage, you are asked to own a military force and get prepared to attack the bots. Another important task is to defend the given battle base at all times. Lead the army to collect more steel from the opponent’s city to design some additional successful groups.The first objective is to tear down the stadium named miami shark. Assign a wide range of tasks to the multiple troops to gain more metals. Training is vital part of any crowded activity, so keep doing that. Simultaneously, change the plan to shatter the head quarters to succeed in the challenge.Instatly look at the bar sliders which is located on the top of the game screen that indicates the head count of the enemies in their base. The succeeded group will get plenty of gold and crystals as rewards. Further, beasts vs bots cheats will give enough assets whenever you needed.

Benefits of using Cheats

  • Get more gold coins without any interruption.
  • Crystals are very easy to obtain using this tool.
  •  Proxy support to hide your identity.

Beasts vs Bots hack

Fight Against The Gigantic Bots

There are plenty of resources available to improve the ability and enhancing your control center. Use the right vault as gold collecting chamber which required for future. Constructing ground canon is the simplest way to attack the foes. Grab that immediately from the shop and place on the ground before some serious mishap. Hiring extra builder will fasten up the process, but that requires currency crystals or use beasts vs bots hack to get them if you need it urgently. The most wanted steel is available in the electricity chamber and you must try to dismantle.

Create heavy barracks that will lead the player to interfere in any obstacle to fetch the property. If someone is abandoned during the clash don’t hesitate to build more light barracks that will come useful in critical situation. In case of you lose the game it is best to recruit a harvester to help more. These little monsters will separate into small groups to crush the city.

Rewards After Each RTS Battle

Aware of a secret skill called encircle action which helps for huge targeted attack towards the enemy. In advanced levels, meet the wreckers who will help to destroy the adversary walls. Single star will be provided when you just destroy the main H.Q. If 45 % of the city got damaged then it will be a couple of star prize. Emerge as a perfect nightmare to the evil machines by flatting all 6 important buildings in the town. Utilize the Research centers to invent new killing elements and restructure the battle strategy.


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